Most of our Safety and Environmental series webinars are eligible for CE.  After each webinar, you will receive a receipt stating your attendance and for what session.  It is up to each  individual to turn their hours in to their various institutions.  

AMERICAN BOARD OF INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE (ABIH):  Attendees are now responsible for submitting their own documentation directly with ABIH.    It is up to the individual to keep up with the sessions they attended that relate to this re-certification.  For more information, visit the ABIH website and contact them directly by clicking here.  

TEXAS BOARD OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS:  For more information on the re-certification process, you can click  here.

BOARD OF CERTIFIED SAFETY PROFESSIONALS (BCSP):    Upon request, you will be emailed a attendance verification certificate based on your attendance at EHS.  For more information on the BCSP re-certification process, click  here.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Paula Lerash, CEM
Director of Education & Exhibits
(512) 646-6404
email:  lerash@texaschemistry.org